Track Internet Browser History

MaxxSpy logs all website addresses user visited with phone browser. You will be able to see if someone has been viewing something they should not be viewing!

MaxxSpy allows you to monitor and create the record of all Internet activities taking place in the target device's browser.

  • See the URLS of the visited websites.
  • Look through the websites the target user has visited.
  • Get time and date stamps so you can know when each website was visited.
  • All visited website URLs are uploaded to your online MaxxSpy control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.
Record all incoming and outgoing phone calls.
Why You Need Record phone calls

Why You Need Track Internet Browsing History Feature

Do you often wonder what websites your children have been browsing on their phone? Do you want to make sure your employees are only visiting work related websites on their work phone? MaxxSpy gives you all the details about the target user’s web browsing activities. You can see each URL they have visited so you know exactly what they have been up to.

Supported platforms for this feature:

Track Cell Phone Browsing History

Sometimes you need to know whether the websites your children are visiting are safe, or whether your employees are spending their office hours productively. By monitoring Internet activities on the target device, you can know exactly what's going on and take necessary actions.

With MaxxSpy cell phone tracking application, you can monitor web sites that your kids or employees are visiting from their smartphones.

MaxxSpy ensures complete security of the smartphone data. No one but you will have access to your Private Area. Besides, the cell phone monitoring application is completely undetectable. There is no icon or other kind of visual presentation in the list of applications to suggest the monitoring activities. There is no way to detect it on the target device.

By monitoring visited web pages, you will find the answers to the questions above. You can then decide whether your child's cell phone needs parental control. Find out whether your employees use the company smartphones only for business purposes or also for surfing the Internet.